Pain Sucks


On many days of my life, I deal with PAIN.  Pain makes me tired, isolated, and depressed. Pain is a interesting sensation to deal with each day.  In my opinion, there are many two main types of pain: emotional and physical.  What I find interesting is how both are linked.  When my body hurts physical, depression sits in.  When my life gets stressful and I get emotional, my body reacts with lethargy and head aches.

How to break this cycle? All I know to do is to power through it.  Break myself out isolated and make something happen.  Some days though, pain wins.  Today is one of those days.  I will preserver and conquer tomorrow. Today, I will curl up and build up strength to fight against pain tomorrow.  It is not about each battle, but winning the long term war that matters.  Most days I win.


3 thoughts on “Pain Sucks

  1. Rita, this is a very real and very difficult topic. I am planning to write my own post about pain on my blog (actually thought I already had, but I don’t see it, so it must have been in my head LOL). But, I’m coming at it from a totally different angle, and your perspective is different and it’s your reality, so I don’t compare my situation to yours. Your pain levels are much higher and more difficult because of all you have been through… Anyway, looking at that vicious cycle chart, I would say a potential place to break the cycle may be the link between Pain and “Guarding”. How you receive and manage Pain messages from your body is an area you may be able to change. Pain does not necessarily have to lead to guarding and beyond… The other area I focus on is the path from Loss of Normal Function to Anger and Frustration, which is mental and emotional. It’s complicated, as you know. Many books and pyschology studies have been written on these topics, for sure!

  2. I have read the books, been through the training. I kept this story simple. All I know how to do is to understand the cycle and power through it. Pain can not win. I win. Sometimes, I just need to give myself a break and rest.

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